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Model 600 Handheld Data Collector

The model 600 Handheld Data Collector is the newest generation of ASI DATAMYTE’s long list of successful data collectors. As with previous models, the rugged 600 weighs in at under one pound and empowers you to take efficient error-proof data collection technology to the data. Error-Proof to a Higher Standard ASI DATAMYTE is respected as the industry leader in automated factory quality data collection for all classifications of data. The 600 model raises error-proofing to a higher standard by: > Clarifying complex auditing routines and patterns through the importation of graphical illustrations. Operators can take on complicated assemblies containing hundreds of fasteners and joints with confidence and accuracy. > Incorporating detailed on-screen instructions that reduce uncertainty. Guesswork is eliminated. All of the data right there at the operator’s fingertips. The 600’s new 640 x 480 high-resolution color screen screen brings images and data together in a meaningful way to keep operators focused and precise. Having relevant task‐specific directions and illustrations also reduces the amount of time required to perform audits and collect test data. Auditors and operators train themselves in a fraction of the time and they carry with them a powerful resource that can answer all their questions in real time, without requiring a trip back to their workstation or hunting down information. TranSend II Add TranSend software to your data collection operation to simplify data transfer between ASI DATAMYTE data collectors, DataMetrics Analysis and Reporting (DAR), third party analysis systems and Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets. With TranSend II you can: > Create and manage setups for ASI DATAMYTE data collectors. > Upload data from data collectors to Excel, tab or comma delimited files, and/or the TranSend II database. > Upload torque curve plots from 600 data collector to Excel spreadsheets. > Update 600 data collector firmware. The 600 is available in both wired and wireless versions. Wired Options The 600 is equipped with the types of connectors most suitable for the specific application in which it is used. Torque Measurement When used specifically to collect torque data using ASI DATAMYTE LightStar wrenches, the 600 is equipped with a standard 15-pin D-sub connector. Digital Gaging A number of digital gage devices, including various manufacturers calipers, micrometers and scales, are better supported with an 8-pin connector. 600s used in these applications are equipped with locking mini-DIN. LMI Applications Model 600 Data Collectors support a long list of digital and analog LMI gages and probes used for gap and flush measurement, seal gap, true position, depth, etc. Each of these devices requires a specific connector. When used for these applications, the 600 is equipped with an 8-pin mini-DIN as well as serial and analog ports. In all cases the 600 is also equipped with a mini USB port to support the growing list of devices that require one. ASI DATAMYTE supplies the cables and cable assemblies for these applications as well as many others. Wireless Gaging Option The wireless version of the 600 frees the operator from the cable and collects data through an internal RF receiver. With greater freedom of movement and fewer cables to manage, the data collection task is easier to carry out. When an RF-equipped gage is paired with a 600, a dedicated RF link is set up – not only from the gage to a specific 600, but to a specific gage address within that 600. And, a 600 can have multiple device addresses, each linked to a digital handheld gage, caliper, micrometer, digital indicator, gap and flush gage, true position probe, etc. This means the 600 can collect data from several devices simultaneously without having to connect and reconnect cables to them. There is a long list of devices that are equipped with compatible RF transmitters, such as LMI's 241, 241BW, TP107 and 200. Additional devices can be linked to a Wireless 600 using the MicroRidge Mobile Microridge Wireless ModuleModule. This wireless interface supports a variety of gages, including Brown & Sharpe, CDI, Dillon, Flexbar, Fowler, LMI, Mahr Federal, Mitutoyo, Ono Sokki, Starrett and Sylvac. Barcode Scanners and the 600 The BCS Barcode Scanner connects to the 600 via the unit's USB port. Designed for demanding industrial environments, it offers a superior reading range, durability, and the ability to read poor quality bar codes.The BCS delivers aggressive read rates and depths of field on all bar code types. Spec sheets 600 Handheld Data Collector (pdf) 600 Data Collector with Torque Option (pdf) 600 Handheld Data Collector with Gap, Flush & Seal Gap (pdf) Transend II software (pdf) Model 600 Handheld Data Collector Wireless Option (pdf) Model BCS Barcode Scanner (pdf) Videos Model 600 Handheld Data Collector - an Introduction Model 600 Data Collector with Torque Applications Part 1 Model 600 Data Collector with Torque Applications Part 2 Digital Gaging and the 600 Wireless 600 Data Collector DataMyte 600 - Drop Test DataMyte 600 used as Hammer

600 data collector



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